"The Super Mario Bros. Movie" Teaser Trailer Just Dropped, And Chris Pratt's Mario Voice Is Getting An...Interesting Reaction Online

"The Super Mario Bros. Movie" Teaser Trailer Just Dropped, And Chris Pratt's Mario Voice Is Getting An...Interesting Reaction Online
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"The Super Mario Bros. Movie" Teaser Trailer Just Dropped, And Chris Pratt's Mario Voice Is Getting An...Interesting Reaction Online

There will be Jack Black Bowser music, folks!!!

CIin6-uyP_large.jpg?crop=498%25253A499%25253B0%25252C17&downsize=60:*&output-format=jpg&output-quality=autoby Natasha Jokic

BuzzFeed Staff


It's-a here: The first Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer was just released.

View this video on YouTube

Illumination / Via youtube.com

You may have heard rumblings of this movie beforehand given that, A) It is a movie of a beloved franchise, B) The cast is absolutely stacked, and, C) Said cast features Chris Pratt as Mario, except he's not doing an Italian accent.


Jon Kopaloff / Getty Images

So, BuzzFeed attended the New York Comic-Con debut of the trailer — and Jack Black even made a surprise appearance to give us all some intel on the upcoming movie.



Ahead of the trailer viewing, videos of Shigeru Miyamoto (Nintendo) and Chris Meledandri (Illumination) popped up to say that animation will be done next week. Scoring will begin in 11 days, and the movie's score will even include plenty of nods to the original games.



The appearance of Chris Pratt's (virtual) face then got a big ol' cheer in the room, as he said that it was an "honor to voice the man" and "a lifelong dream" to take on the role of the red-hatted lad.


Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images for Disney

Enter the trailer! We see Bowser burn down some ice buildings in what appears to be a reference to Li'l Penguin Lost in Super Mario 64. It must be said: The animation looks gorgeous.



We also see — and hear — Chris' Mario begin his adventure in the Mushroom Kingdom. There's not a ton to go off, as he mainly just says "What is this place?", but I'm sure we'll see plenty more in months to come. Whether or not this is a good thing is up to you!



Then the voice of Bowser himself, Jack Black, hit the Comic-Con stage for a quick Q&A about the movie. He began by saying that it was "a lot of pressure" to take on the role, but that it was "pretty rad" to be doing it.



He also added that he did a ton of research, the only way that was possible — by playing even more of the games.

As for his depiction of Bowser, it's one with "a sensitive side" but "furious with rage" — so take from this what you will. There will also be a "musical side" to Bowser in this version, so get ready for the "heavy metal" side of Jack to make an appearance.



As for the online reaction, it, uhh, was fairly focussed on one thing:

gtnHhUny_normal.jpg zae @itszaeok

mario supposed to be italian why they saying this mario from north dakota....

08:35 PM - 06 Oct 2022

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Twitter: @itszaeok

JyNzLUYe_normal.png Louie Zong @everydaylouie

everything in the mario trailer works except for mario

08:30 PM - 06 Oct 2022

Reply Retweet Favorite

Twitter: @everydaylouie

3EjkZCS7_normal.jpg FABINO @KinoFabino

You can hear Mario just by looking at him, knowing what Mario sounds like, anticipating him to speak and just hearing a normal guy voice is unerving lmao

08:25 PM - 06 Oct 2022

Reply Retweet Favorite

Twitter: @KinoFabino

PQ5bRHwC_normal.jpg Mica Burton @MicaBurton

Okay the animation for the Mario movie looks gorgeous and I’m looking forward to seeing what the plot of this is but good lord I cANNOT get past the fact that Chris Pratt is just using his normal ass voice JUST HIS NORMAL ASS VOICE FOR MARIO

08:22 PM - 06 Oct 2022

Reply Retweet Favorite

Twitter: @MicaBurton

The Super Mario Bros. Movie will be out April 7, 2023.

You can watch the full trailer here.

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