The 27 Tech Gifts That Everyone's Going to Want This Season - All $50 or Less

The 27 Tech Gifts That Everyone's Going to Want This Season - All $50 or Less

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Tech gifts are a universal crowd pleaser, but if you're not careful, they can really break the bank. But have no fear; these 27 gifts are all under $50, so you can buy all the latest and greatest accessories and gadgets without worrying about your wallet. It's practically a dream come true, and you can get someone for everyone on your list. Whether you're looking for stocking stuffers or gifts the whole family can enjoy, you'll find them here.

This year, we know we'd like to receive smart devices, cool phone chargers, and even a do-it-all tablet, because sometimes, there's nothing better than a good gadget. If you're looking for a foolproof gift, we've got you covered. Just keep reading to shop our picks!


If they're always on a plane, they know the struggle of having wireless headphones — and having to pay the two dollars if they want to watch a movie on the plane's television. That's why this Twelve South AirFly Pro ($46, originally $55) is so brilliant. You simply plug the device into the screen, and it syncs to your headphones, so you can now really use those AirPods on a plane!

Genius-Travel-Device-Twelve-South-AirFly-Pro.jpg For-Person-Who-VR-Curious-Samsung-Gear-VR-Virtual-Reality-Headset.jpg

Join the virtual reality world with Samsung Gear VR Virtual Reality Headset ($29). Insert a Samsung phone and start playing video games or watching movies — all, of course, in a virtual reality experience.


Samsung Gear VR Virtual Reality Headset

Buy Now For-Beauty-Lover-Makeup-Vanity-Mirror.jpg

Get this three-panel Makeup Vanity Mirror ($31) for the makeup-lover. The little mirrors are so handy.

For-Beauty-Lover-Makeup-Vanity-Mirror.jpg For-Person-Who-Loses-Everything-Tile-Mate-Key-Finder.jpg

They'll never lose their keys again with this Tile Mate ($25) that pairs with a downloadable app. It makes the perfect stocking stuffer.

For-Person-Who-Loses-Everything-Tile-Mate-Key-Finder.jpg Something-Cute-MoMA-Design-Store-Boris-Small-Nightlight.png Something-Cute-MoMA-Design-Store-Boris-Small-Nightlight.png

MoMA Design Store Boris Small Nightlight

Buy Now For-Organized-Eco-Friendly-Bamboo-Multi-Device-Charging-Station-Dock.jpg

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Eco-Friendly Bamboo Multi-Device Charging Station and Dock

Buy Now For-Music-Lover-ArtSound-Avant-Soundbar-Speaker.jpg For-Music-Lover-ArtSound-Avant-Soundbar-Speaker.jpg

Art+Sound Avant Soundbar Speaker

Buy Now For-Ones-Who-Need-Personal-Assistant-Echo-Dot.jpg

The Echo Dot ($50) will be their new best friend. They can ask Alexa to play music, set timers, call anyone hands-free, control the rest of their smart home, get information about almost anything including the news, and so much more.

For-Ones-Who-Need-Personal-Assistant-Echo-Dot.jpg Minimergencies-Pinch-Provisions-Tech-Emergency-Kit.jpg Minimergencies-Pinch-Provisions-Tech-Emergency-Kit.jpg

Pinch Provisions Tech Emergency Kit

Buy Now Adorable-Portable-Charger-MOJI-POWER-Portable-Charger.jpg MOJI-POWER-Portable-Charger.jpg

MOJI POWER Portable Charger

Buy Now Useful-Bedtime-Device-Touch-Control-Bedside-Lamps-With-USB-Port.jpg Useful-Bedtime-Device-Touch-Control-Bedside-Lamps-With-USB-Port.jpg

Touch Control Bedside Lamps With USB Port

Buy Now New-Tablet-Fire-7.jpg

The Fire 7 ($50) does it all. You'll never feel the need for any other device.

New-Tablet-Fire-7.jpg Cool-Alarm-Clock-Wake-Up-Light-with-Sunrise-Simulation-Alarm-Clock.jpg Cool-Alarm-Clock-Wake-Up-Light-with-Sunrise-Simulation-Alarm-Clock.jpg

Philips Wake-Up Light with Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock

Buy Now Best-Affordable-Durable-Speaker-JBL-Go3-Wireless-Speaker.png

The dust-proof, waterproof JBL Go3 Wireless Speaker ($50) can fit into their pocket or as a keychain on any bike, backpack, or water bottle. Even though it's tiny, it packs a powerful sound with punchy deep bass. It has up to five hours of battery life per charge and comes in several different colors like classic black and a bold teal.

Best-Affordable-Durable-Speaker-JBL-Go3-Wireless-Speaker.png Cool-Notebook-Rocketbook-Everlast-Reusable-Smart-Notebook.jpg Cool-Notebook-Rocketbook-Everlast-Reusable-Smart-Notebook.jpg

Rocketbook Everlast Reusable Smart Notebook

Buy Now Self-Care-Gift-Calming-Sensory-LED-Light-Projector.jpg Self-Care-Gift-Calming-Sensory-LED-Light-Projector.jpg

Calming Sensory LED Light Projector

Buy Now Great-For-People-With-Lots-Devices-Smart-Power-Strip-Wifi-Surge-Protector.jpg Great-For-People-With-Lots-Devices-Smart-Power-Strip-Wifi-Surge-Protector.jpg

Smart Power Strip and Wifi Surge Protector

Buy Now Ultimate-Sous-Chef-Automatic-Pan-Stirrer-With-Timer.jpg

If they've got a million things going on, they'll appreciate the Automatic Pan Stirrer With Timer ($25). It's a nifty tool that will continuously stir their dishes on a timer while they do all the other things like cutting veggies and herbs, cleaning up, and more.


Automatic Pan Stirrer With Timer

Buy Now Pretty-Lights-Mpowerd-Luci-Lux-Inflatable-Solar-Lanterns.jpeg Pretty-Lights-Mpowerd-Luci-Lux-Inflatable-Solar-Lanterns.jpeg

Mpowerd Luci Lux Inflatable Solar Lanterns

Buy Now To-Stay-Charged-Native-Union-Night-Lightning-to-USB-Charging-Cable.webp To-Stay-Charged-Native-Union-Night-Lightning-to-USB-Charging-Cable.webp

Native Union Night Lightning to USB Charging Cable

Buy Now For-Selfie-Taker-Brilliant-Ideas-Color-Changing-Clip-On-Selfie-Ring-Light-Mirror.jpg For-Selfie-Taker-Brilliant-Ideas-Color-Changing-Clip-On-Selfie-Ring-Light-Mirror.jpg

Brilliant Ideas Color-Changing Clip-On Selfie Ring Light Mirror

Buy Now For-Fresh-Air-HoMedics-Total-Clean-Personal-Air-Sanitizer.jpg For-Fresh-Air-HoMedics-Total-Clean-Personal-Air-Sanitizer.jpg

HoMedics Total Clean Personal Air Sanitizer

Buy Now For-Singer-Bluetooth-Karaoke-Microphone-Voice-Mixer.jpg For-Singer-Bluetooth-Karaoke-Microphone-Voice-Mixer.jpg

Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone and Voice Mixer

Buy Now Cool-Photo-Printer-Smartphone-Picture-Printer.jpg

They can easily print their favorite memories with this Smartphone Picture Printer ($36, originally $40). This is a great gift for grandparents, or people who have thousands of photos on their phone.

Cool-Photo-Printer-Smartphone-Picture-Printer.jpg Fun-Airpod-Case-Smoko-Perry-Raspberry-Airpod-Case.jpg Fun-Airpod-Case-Smoko-Perry-Raspberry-Airpod-Case.jpg

Smoko Perry Raspberry Airpod Case

Buy Now Best-Streaming-Device-Roku-Streaming-Stick-HD4KHDR-Streaming-Device.png

The Roku Streaming Stick+ HD/4K/HDR Streaming Device ($44, originally $49) is such a great find for those who love entertainment. They can access tons of apps to live stream all their favorite shows and movies. The long-range wireless receiver gives them extended range and a stronger signal for smooth streaming even in rooms farther from their router.


Roku Streaming Stick+ HD/4K/HDR Streaming Device

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