Let's Unpack All Of The Movie News That Happened This Week

Let's Unpack All Of The Movie News That Happened This Week
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Let's Unpack All Of The Movie News That Happened This Week

New horror movies! My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3! Chris Hemsworth's butt!

Nb_GO6h5e_large.jpg?crop=403%3A403%3B0%2C62&downsize=60:*&output-format=jpg&output-quality=autoby Allie Hayes

BuzzFeed Staff


Kickin' things off with all of the new teasers and trailers we received this week:

1. First up, we got a new minute-long teaser for Thor: Love and Thunder, which was chock-full of new footage, and also shined a light on Christian Bale's terrifying villain, Gorr the God Butcher.

View this video on YouTube

Marvel Studios / Via youtube.com

In this film, we see Thor seeking to retire from his superhero antics and hang up his hammer — however, all of that goes right out of the window when Gorr shows up, dead-set on destroying every single one of the Gods.


© Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / © Marvel Studios / courtesy Everett Collection

Also, semi-related, but — according to writer/director Taika Waititi — we see Thor's butt in this movie, so there's that. In his words: "You get the full Hem's worth."

View this video on YouTube

NBC / Via youtube.com

Thor: Love and Thunder is slated to hit theaters on July 8!

2. Next, we received a teaser for Peacock and Blumhouse's new horror film, They/Them.

View this video on YouTube

Peacock / Via youtube.com

The films follows a group of LGBTQ+ teens who are sent away to a "conversion camp."



As the teens bump heads more and more with the camp leaders — for good reason — they discover the evil of the camp may be even worse than they'd already known, given the arrival of a masked killer.



They/Them is slated to hit Peacock on August 5!

3. Speaking of horror movies, we got our first trailer for Smile, which...y'all, I don't even know anymore. This trailer was a lot for me on a weekday.

View this video on YouTube

Paramount Pictures / Via youtube.com

As the title suggests, a woman is haunted (and hunted) by smiling people. Anyone who sees these smilers(?) is given roughly a week to live. So, it's like The Ring, but with really happy people. I know it sounds like I'm disinterested, but I promise you, I will be first in line to see this movie — I'm already obsessed with it.


Paramount Pictures

Admittedly, I was first watching this trailer like "This looks silly..." but then I also fully yelled at the jump scare at the end, so WHO'S SILLY NOW, HUH?! (It's me, I'm silly.)


Paramount Pictures

Smile is slated to hit theaters on September 30!

4. We also got our first full-length trailer for Hulu's upcoming dark comedy, Not Okay.

View this video on YouTube

Hulu / Via youtube.com

Following a woman who is dead set on fame and internet popularity, she gets way more than she bargained for when she fakes a trip to Paris during a terrible world event.


Nicole Rivelli / © Searchlight Pictures /Courtesy Everett Collection

Though, pretty much all you need to know about the tone of this film is at the very beginning of the trailer, which includes a title card warning the audience that this film contains an "Unlikeable Female Protagonist."



Not Okay is slated to hit Hulu on July 29!

5. Lastly, we received our first trailer for Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile which is, in fact, a children's film about a "house-dwelling crocodile."

View this video on YouTube

Sony Pictures / Via youtube.com

But I grew up in Florida, so this is actually a horror movie for me.

According to the film's synopsis, Lyle — who is voiced by Shawn Mendes (no, really) — finds his life is turned upside-down when a nasty neighbor has him relocated to a zoo.


Sony Pictures

On voicing a singing crocodile, Shawn told People: "What was really amazing was that Lyle as a character only sings, so I felt really comfortable playing his character. I was able to do what I do best, plus I relate to his story and his character so much it felt natural. When I was approached to help make the music for the adaptation of such a classic book, it was a no brainer and just such a fun departure from what I am used to."


Sony Pictures

Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile is slated to hit Hulu on November 18!

That's it for trailers! Next up, let's look at some fun and ~interesting~ little pre-production announcements, interviews, and behind-the-scenes moments:

6. First, we got a cool little featurette for Jordan Peele's upcoming horror movie, Nope, which showed some awesome behind-the-scenes footage!

View this video on YouTube

Universal Pictures / Via youtube.com

In the clips, we see that it truly "took a village" to make the film, and just how much hard work and love went into bringing this vision to life.


© Universal Pictures /Courtesy Everett Collection

Y'all...this is going to be so good, I can already tell.

And, semi-related: When I finished watching the featurette, the "final trailer" — which came out a couple of weeks ago — automatically started playing, and I got sucked into watching it. In fact, I got so sucked in, my partner walked up behind me to ask me a question, and I didn't hear them, so I jumped about 12 feet in the air because I fully thought they were an alien coming to get me! It was unpleasant! 0/10 would not recommend. (But 10/10, would recommend the trailer.)

View this video on YouTube

Universal Studios / Via youtube.com

Also, this post is making me sound very jumpy, so I do want to make one thing clear: I am. I'm a very jumpy person. Jump scares get me every single time.

7. Brad Pitt revealed that he's "on his last leg" when it comes to acting, and will likely retire in the coming years.


Rachel Luna / Getty Images

The icon told GQ this week: "I consider myself on my last leg. This last semester or trimester. What is this section gonna be? And how do I wanna design that?"


Gregg Deguire / Getty Images for Turner

But fret not, my friends! Brad does have an awesome-looking action movie coming out a little later this year, Bullet Train, so be sure to check him out in that!

View this video on YouTube

Sony Pictures / Via youtube.com

8. And Halsey talked about their biopic, which then sparked some backlash about their biopic.


Taylor Hill / Getty Images

While on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Halsey and Jimmy both discussed their casting dreams for the film. Millie Bobby Brown was the top pick, and Millie even responded on Instagram to Jimmy and Halsey's conversation. However, this also led people to question why Halsey was getting a biopic in the first place.


Nbc / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Halsey then took to Twitter to explain things, stating that "a studio bought the rights to make it ONE DAY" and that it's the "best thing that ever happened to me bc the guy hired to write it became my baby daddy!"

YHd4soIl_normal.jpg h @halsey

I just wanna say RE: “why would Halsey have a biopic”, I didn’t show up somewhere and ask someone to make a movie about me. a studio bought the rights to make it ONE DAY & I said “ok! cool.” Best thing that ever happened to me bc the guy hired to write it became my baby daddy! ☺️

07:37 AM - 17 Jun 2022

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Halsey / Twitter

9. Rachel Zegler shared her adorable reaction to being cast as Snow White in Disney's upcoming live-action remake.

wzaPi0kw_normal.jpg rachel zegler (she/her/hers) @rachelzegler

one year ago today i got cast as snow white ❤️