Each of These Tiny Cans of Wine Contains 1 Glass - So, Yeah, Pass the 4-Pack

Each of These Tiny Cans of Wine Contains 1 Glass - So, Yeah, Pass the 4-Pack

What's better than a nice bottle of wine? One that's already split into single servings and easily opened without a wine key because it comes in cans, obviously! Dear Mom Wine Co. has taken the traditional 750 ml. bottle of wine and prepoured it into individual containers for your drinking pleasure — with eye-catching designs and a message that comes straight from the heart.

Dear Mom has four blends to choose from, including a sparkling option, a red, a white, and a Rosé. Each blend comes with its own distinct can design that's guaranteed to catch attention in a crowd. There are bright red balloons for when you want it dark, classic cars for the white label, pastel-pink popsicles covering the cans of Rosé, and colorful stars scattered like stardust on a midnight-blue background for the sparkling white selection. The blends come in packs of four that add up to one full bottle of vino, and it'll cost you just $16.

In addition to coming in chic and convenient packaging at a very nice price, the company said its Oregon-made wines are all produced at sustainable vineyards, so you can feel good knowing your sips aren't hurting the environment. And with a name like Dear Mom, it probably won't surprise you to learn that the venture was founded "to pay homage to the women who create us, who inspire us to dream, who hold us tight when we are cold, who lift us when we have fallen, and who give us hugs and kisses and high-fives when we thrive," according to the brand's website. In support of that vision, each month, the company picks a different charity and donates a portion of its proceeds to benefit moms locally and globally.

Dear Mom wines are sold in select stores across the country, or you can have whatever suits your palate shipped directly to you in 37 states, plus Washington DC. Curious connoisseurs can look through this gallery to see a small sample of what makes Dear Mom Wine Co. our new obsession.

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