6 Sustainably Made Sofas We Love From Maiden Home

6 Sustainably Made Sofas We Love From Maiden Home

Maiden Home is the sustainable brand that makes thoughtful and stylish pieces that are ethically sourced and made to order, so they don't waste materials. The brand is stylish, functional, and so many great furniture finds that feel like they came right out of a dream. While its pretty tables and amazing fuzzy chairs are a favorite, we can't help but take note of how great its sofas are.

We're always on the lookout for comfortable couches, and Maiden Home's are at the top of our wish list. While its price tags are on the higher side, it offers durable and quality materials that are made to last, so you won't be replacing it often. Plus, with its mission to sustainability, its a purchase you can feel good about. Now all you have to do is shop its bestsellers and see which one sticks out to you.

What to Look For in a Comfortable Sofa

Finding the right match isn't just about style, there are a lot of other factors to think about. First, we suggest measuring your space, to determine if you need a space-saving option, or something larger like a big sectional. When it comes to designs, you can go for tufted cushions for a more classic look, or there's sleeker more modern choices for the minimalists out there. These will bring you decide on a material. Maiden Home offers all of its designs in over 20 different variations ranging from beautiful linen to performance velvet and amazingly chic Tuscan leather. Considering if you have kids or are a pet-owner, one of these might be better than the other. If you're worried about stains, we suggest opting for a performance choice that you can easily clean.

Our personal favorite is the The Crosby ($2,275) for its small-space friendly design and versatile look. Shop the rest of our selection here.

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