31 Times Elizabeth Olsen Was Goofy, Chaotic, And Wholesome Behind The Scenes With Other Marvel Actors

31 Times Elizabeth Olsen Was Goofy, Chaotic, And Wholesome Behind The Scenes With Other Marvel Actors
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31 Times Elizabeth Olsen Was Goofy, Chaotic, And Wholesome Behind The Scenes With Other Marvel Actors

We were robbed of more adorable Elizabeth Olsen and Aaron Taylor-Johnson content.

aKbxLv0yO_large.png?crop=390%3A390%3B56%2C74&downsize=60:*&output-format=jpg&output-quality=autoby Nora Dominick

BuzzFeed Staff

1. First, when Elizabeth Olsen always knew Paul Bettany's catchphrase while promoting Avengers: Infinity War, and she made sure to say it in every single interview they did together.


Entertainment Tonight / Access / E News / CBS / Via youtu.be

2. When Benedict Cumberbatch and Elizabeth drank margaritas together on The Late Late Show with James Corden, and it was perfectly chaotic.


CBS / Via youtu.be

3. When she played Avengers Pictionary with Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and the whole interview just radiated "big brother making fun of little sister" energy.


Yahoo / Via youtu.be

4. When Kathryn Hahn and Lizzie consistently compliment each other every time they get together, like when they were at the MTV Movie and TV Awards in 2021.


Entertainment Tonight Canada / Via youtu.be

5. When Tom Holland revealed the best advice he's learned from Elizabeth, and how it has stuck with him after all these years.


Jesse Grant / Getty Images

6. When she attended the 2021 Emmy Awards after being nominated for WandaVision, and she was so excited when Evan Peters, who, of course, played fake Pietro, won for his work in Mare of Easttown.


ABC / Via youtu.be

7. When she reunited with Julian Hilliard, who plays Wanda's son Billy, on the red carpet for the Multiverse of Madness premiere, and it was simply the cutest thing on this planet.


IGN / TikTok / Via tiktok.com

8. When Elizabeth screamed after Robert Downey Jr. ate Chris Evans' donut, and the three of them couldn't keep a straight face.


YouTube / Marvel / Via youtu.be

9. When she played musical beers alongside Jeremy Renner, Paul Bettany, and Jimmy Fallon, and she got very competitive.


NBC / Via youtu.be

10. When Elizabeth talked about how even though she's been in the MCU for eight years now, she's still looking up to Scarlett Johansson and following her lead.


Variety / Entertainment Tonight / Via youtu.be

11. When she excitedly showed Anthony Mackie the blueberries she picked one morning in the middle of an interview.


Variety / Via youtu.be

12. When Benedict Cumberbatch joked that Lizzie should read the script before showing up to set, and she had the best reaction.


ABC / Via youtu.be

13. When she was goofing around behind the scenes of a photo shoot and made Paul Bettany laugh.


Television Academy / Via youtu.be

14. When Xochitl Gomez revealed the advice she got from Elizabeth while they were filming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.


Marvel / Via youtu.be

15. When Kathryn Hahn missed filming alongside Elizabeth and Teyonah Parris so much, that she accidentally entered a WandaVision scene way too early.


Marvel / Disney+

16. When Sebastain Stan stopped an interview so he could say hi to Elizabeth, and then he got flustered when she complimented him, too.


On Demand Entertainment / Via youtu.be

17. When she revealed that she had never met John Krasinski, despite the fact that they shared several big and important scenes together in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.


Vanity Fair / Via youtu.be

18. When Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Lizzie talked about how weird it was to film with Ultron and have to look higher than James Spader because Ultron is much taller. So, Aaron was constantly screaming on set to remind Lizzie to look up.


Fandango / Via youtu.be

19. When Lizzie and Evan Peters could not stop laughing while filming this WandaVision scene, and the outtakes are so perfect.


Marvel / Disney+

20. When Anthony Mackie lovingly made fun of Elizabeth for only having to do hand movements in Captain America: Civil War, while everyone else was running around.


CBS / Via youtu.be

21. When Jeremy Renner proposed that a Wanda and Clint Barton spinoff should be called...Fuller House, and Elizabeth lost it.


Pianeta Donna / Via youtu.be

22. When Mark Ruffalo shared these absolutely adorable behind-the-scenes photos of Elizabeth and Paul Bettany on the set of Avengers: Infinity War.

6FZ2iZvr_normal.png Mark Ruffalo @MarkRuffalo

Heard they were going super lo-fi for #WandaVision